Helen Dangar Bursary Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of your possible questions regarding your application for the Helen Dangar Memorial Art Bursary

Can I apply for multiple activates throughout the year?

The bursary is to support a single program. This program may have multiple activities e.g. travel to Sydney to attend Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, visit exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art  and to participate in Painting Masterclass at Sydney College of Art.   In this case the bursary could be used to assist with travel costs, accommodation, enrolment/tuition fees and materials for the masterclass.

Can I use the bursary to purchase equipment or art materials?

No. The bursary is to support participation in creative and professional development activities and cannot be used to purchase consumables, apart from set materials required for participation in a workshop or class.

Do I have to be a professional artist to apply?

No. The bursary is open to artists at any stage of their career; this includes tertiary art students, art teachers and practitioners from emerging through to established professional artists. To qualify you must be able to show that you have an ongoing arts practice. Evidence of your on-going art practice may include a list of previous exhibitions, completion, enrolment in an arts course/class or a portfolio or a reference from a gallerist, teacher or colleague.

What do you mean by a visual artist?

The Bursary panel will take a broad view of what is considered visual arts practice which will encompass a range of artforms including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, jewellery making, textile and fibre art, collage, ceramics and pottery, glassmaking, new media and video works.

I am still in High school, can I apply?

Yes but you will need written permission from your parents/guardians for any travel and the bursary would be paid into their bank accounts for looking after costs.

Can I use the bursary to cover costs to have an exhibition?

No – the bursary is to cover the costs of participating in a professional or creative development opportunity such as an identified course, masterclass, residency or workshop.

Some other grant programs which could  assist you with exhibition costs are:

Arts North West have regularly updated information about a range of other funding opportunities on their website.


Why would I need to look for other funding sources?

You only need to look for other funding if your program costs will require more than $1500 to attend or participate. If your program is for example going to cost $3000.00 then we would like to ensure the viability of your proposal through seeing how you intend to fund the remaining $1500 that the Bursary will not cover.

You may simply the cover the remainder yourself or you may apply for other local or state arts funding.

If your application is selected for the Bursary and you require further funding then NERAM will provide you a letter of support for your grant application. Some other possible funding sources for professional development activities include:


Do I already need to have confirmation that I have been selected into my proposed activity to apply?

No. You can apply for the bursary even if your participation is not currently confirmed. Evidence of your acceptance or placement will need to be provided to NERAM before the bursary funds will be made available to you.


What happens if I do not get a place or accepted into my proposed workshop or class?

If your application is selected but you do not get a place in your nominated activity you will be given an opportunity to find a place in a similar activity that would have an equivalent benefit to your career. This equivalent activity will still need to occur in 2018. If no equivalent activity can be found then the Bursary will be awarded another shortlisted applicant.


If I apply for the bursary this year and am unsuccessful can I apply again in subsequent years?

Yes. The bursary is annual award and we encourage you to apply each year.


If I apply for the bursary this year and my application is successful can I apply again next year?

No. Funded applicants will not be eligible in the two years following their successful application. So if you receive a bursary in 2018 you will not be able to apply again until 2021. This is to ensure that the bursary supports a range of different artists and activities.


What do I do if I would like to make a donation to help support the Helen Dangar Memorial Art Bursary ?

The Helen Dangar Memorial Art Bursary has been established through the generosity of Bill Dangar and other Dangar family members, Packsaddle and the Friends of NERAM Inc, as well as many individual donors who wanted to support Helen’s legacy to the New England creative community. If you would like to support this bursary program you can make a donation online or complete the forms available on the NERAM website and send it in to us with a cheque.

Details on supporting the Bursary are on the NERAM website. 


Application forms for the Helen Dangar Memorial Art Bursary are available here.