2018 Annual Appeal

NERAM is doing well but we still need your support.

DONATION FORM: 2018 NERAM Annual Appeal

Your Art Museum is quite unique in regional Australia. We have large and significant collections and we are only partially funded by our local Council and our State Government.

In 2008, we launched the NERAM Foundation and many of you will have made important donations to the Foundation. All the donated funds have been invested and we now have a total of $544,800 invested. This fund will make an annual payment of approximately $21,000 to NERAM this financial year. It has taken us 10 years to get to this point and is an impressive start to what we hope will become a major funding body in NERAM’s future sustainability.

The Foundation Advisory Committee targets average returns on our investments of 6% to 7% and we pay a dividend to NERAM of 4% so we have 2%+ of growth set aside most years. Imagine a NERAM Foundation with $2 million invested and paying $80,000 to NERAM each year and generating $40,000 of its own growth each year. A $5 million Foundation would pay $200,000 each year to NERAM and generate $100,000 of fund growth each year. These are indicative figures that give you a sense of what is possible.

We will reach these targets as we always have, through the collective generosity of our many supporters donating amounts appropriate to them and watching these funds go to work year after year.

Over the past few years we have seen great improvements to the facilities and programs at NERAM thanks to the support of funding bodies in partnership with NERAM’s donors and supporters raising over $600,000 for capital works projects. This work has meant that our building has had a significant facelift, is more energy efficient and that the beautiful Howard Hinton Collection is now on permanent display, attracting visitors from around the country. Now that this work is largely complete we want to focus more on the growth of our Foundation as our main strategic priority over the next three years.

We ask you to consider a one year donation or to even a 3-year pledge to the NERAM Foundation. We have also developed a Bequest Program for you to consider. Your donation will be fully tax deductible and it will be preserved indefinitely under the terms of the Foundation Trust Deed with only the income being used to support NERAM each year.

We thank you for your support and hope that you continue to be an active member of the NERAM Community.

  • Andrew Murray, Chair, New England Regional Art Museum Ltd
  • Peter Lloyd, Chair, NERAM Foundation


How to make a donation

It is easy to support the 2018 Annual Appeal.

Complete the attached Donation Form and send it in the post, via email or drop it in in person with credit card details or payment (cheque, cash or EFTPOS). A separate tax deductible receipt will be issued for your donation.

DONATION FORM: 2018 NERAM Annual Appeal

Please present this Donation Form at the front counter at NERAM or send it to:

NERAM 2018 Appeal
PO Box 508,  ARMIDALE NSW 2350


Please make cheques payable to New England Regional Art Museum

You can make a transaction directly from your bank account to:

  • Direct Deposit: BSB 932 000;
  • Account No. 704 793;
  • Reference: your name

If you make a Direct Deposit then please complete the Donation Form and post/email to NERAM so we can match your donation against your receipt. 

You can also make an online donation through GIVE NOW as either a one-off amount or a regular monthly donation.