Bequests – Create your legacy

You can make a difference through a bequest or a gift in your will. 

The New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) has always relied upon the generosity of our community to ensure that it thrives. NERAM’s independence has been made possible by the donation of time and effort by our volunteers, Friends and Board Members as well as the financial support provided by our benefactors and supporters. People often think that ‘philanthropists’ are other people, but the reality is that anyone can be a philanthropist by making a donation or a bequest to the NERAM Foundation.

By making a bequest to NERAM you are making a commitment towards our community and supporting the long term success of an organization which you feel passionately about. The ongoing funding provided by the NERAM Foundation is the most successful strategy for NERAM’s future and will provide certainty for the art museum we all love. With your support it is our aim to develop the capital funds of the NERAM Foundation up to $10 million within the next ten years to ensure the long term financial viability and support that NERAM will need to be sustainable into the future.

When you are planning your estate we ask you to make a commitment to support NERAM through making a gift in your will that will help the art museum and the community of New England.

Andrew Murray, Chair, New England Regional Art Museum Ltd & Peter Lloyd, Chair, NERAM Foundation


Make a donation to NERAM Foundation
The NERAM Foundation is the preferred recipient of funds donated or bequeathed to support the New England Regional Art Museum. Donations made to the Foundation at any time are tax-deductible as it is a Deductible Gift Recipient and registered Charity. Please note that a bequest is not tax deductible by the estate of the deceased.

The NERAM Foundation’s purpose is to secure the long term future of NERAM’s operations and programs through fundraising and investment of donated funds. The return on these investments enable the NERAM Foundation to make an annual contribution towards NERAM’s running costs such as staffing, insurance, building maintenance and programs. As the Foundation’s capital reserves grow it will provide an increasing annual distribution of funds towards NERAM’s operational costs.

Planning your bequest
We ask you to plan ahead and help NERAM’s future as a financially sustainable organisation that provides our community with access to a diversity of artistic and cultural experiences.

We recommend that you discuss your plans with your lawyer, accountant or trustee, as well as inform family members of your intentions. If you are considering leaving a bequest to NERAM we suggest that you contact us to ensure your wishes can be fulfilled within our organisation’s policies. All discussions concerning bequests will be treated with the utmost discretion and in strict confidence.

If you already have a Will then you can develop an addition to the Will in the form of a Codicil which alters its terms and makes allowances for your gift to NERAM. If you have not yet made a Will we encourage you to consider a bequest to NERAM or the NERAM Foundation.

We recommend that you notify us of your bequest by writing to NERAM through your solicitor and it is particularly useful to include a copy of the relevant extract from your Will or Deed of Trust. Upon receipt of a bequest notification, you will be invited to become a member of the Howard Hinton Circle in recognition of your intended gift.

The Howard Hinton Circle
The Howard Hinton Circle is a voluntary membership of people who have notified us of their intention to make a bequest to NERAM and who share an interest in supporting the art museum and the community it serves. The members will be celebrating the important role that NERAM has played in their lives.

Named in recognition of our most significant benefactor Howard Hinton OBE (1867-1948) who donated over 1000 artworks to the Armidale Teachers College that now form the basis of the collections at NERAM.

Members of the Howard Hinton Circle will be invited to participate in special joint activities throughout the year to acknowledge their contributions to NERAM.

Your legacy to NERAM

For further information about making a bequest to the New England Regional Art Museum download the attached booklet or contact NERAM directly.

NERAM Bequest Program booklet – CLICK HERE


Find out more:

Information Seminar: Planning your estate and bequest 

Date: Thursday 14 June 2018

Time: 10.00am-12.30pm

Venue: Mazda Room, New England Regional Art Museum



To discuss your plans for a gift or donation please contact:
Art Museum Director
Tel: 02 6772 5255



Image above:

Mary Edwards (1894-1988), The Orchid 1935, oil on canvas, Gift of Howard Hinton 1935, The Howard Hinton Collection