Adopt an Artwork

NERAM’s award-winning Adopt an Artwork fundraising campaign supports the conservation of artworks in our collections.

It’s a special way to show your love of art, and support for our collections, and to be involved in preserving this precious asset for present and future enjoyment.

You may have noticed that some artworks in the collections are showing their age and no longer looking their best. Signs of aging include cracking and flaking paint, yellowing paper, loose frames and dirt. These artworks need conservation treatment to restore their former glory and stabilise them for future generations.

It’s easy to help.

Anyone can ‘Adopt an Artwork’ by making a donation.

Choose your favourite artwork, or one that represents your interests, group or organisation. Make a personal adoption or team together with others and join a group adoption. In return you’ll receive an Adoption package with public acknowledgment (if wanted), gain behind-the-scenes insight, plus receive an invitation to preview the artwork following conservation treatment.

All conservation will be contracted to professional conservators. Adoptions range from $250 to $10,000 and more. Smaller amounts are also welcome and will be used for the general conservation program.

Donation form.

Adopt an Artwork in the John Gale Donation

See some examples below.

Adopt an Artwork Blog

Follow the progress of our Adopt-an-Artwork program on our Operation Preservation blog which covers the treatments being received by artworks at International Conservation Services as well as onsite at NERAM.  Entries are updated regularly and follow the stages of the conservation treatments as well as activities at NERAM for donors to the Adopt-an-Artwork program.

The Adopt an Artwork program has received support from the Commonwealth Government through the Stronger Communities Program and from Creative Partnerships Australia through their Plus 1 Program.