Helen Dangar Memorial Art Bursary supporters

The New England Regional Art Museum would like to thank the people who have supported the fundraising drive to establish the Helen Dangar Memorial Art Bursary.

On behalf of the family I want to thank everyone who so generously supported The Helen Dangar Memorial Art Bursary.  The cause itself is a wonderful initiative by NERAM as it will greatly assist individual artists of all ages in the New England region to further improve their skills as well as promote the museum to a much wider audience. I’m sure Helen would be somewhat embarrassed by the success of the appeal but never-the-less humbled and proud that her name has been attached to such a worthy project.

Bill Dangar


NERAM would especially like to thank:

Bill Dangar and members of the Dangar family


Friends of NERAM Inc.


Thank you to:

Mary Abrahams

Helen & Giovanni Andreoni

Astrid Knirsch & Eric Baker

Paul Barratt

Gillian Belfield

Fred Bell

David & Airlie Bell

John & Barbara Beynon

Susan Blair

Phillip Bookallil

David & Jennifer Bowman

Maxwell Browning

Ashley Burnside

Sally Cater

Judith & Doug Chambers

Kerry & Bruce Chick

Joan & Keith Clarke

Jennifer  Cobcroft

Roger & Lynn Coddington

David & Barbie Connah

Brian Connor

Terry Cooke

Charles & Dorianne Coventry

Jennifer   Creal

Michael & Catherine Dangar

Bill Dangar

Alexander Dangar

Clytie Dangar

Henry Dangar &  Belinda Mason

Sophia Dangar

Frederick Darvill

Shirley Davis

Susie Dunn

Mary Earnshaw

Patricia Elkin

Gail, Natasha & Michael English

Tim Fairfax

Hugh & Jane Fraser

Ross & Liz Fulloon

Rod & Di Fussell

Peter & Gai Galbraith

John & Vikki Giblin

Peter Gough

Vivienne Gregg

Rosalie Hall

James Harris

John Harris

Robert Heather

Jim & Sue Irvine

Kate Jenkins

Susannah Jenkins

Ian Johnstone

Coll King

Gorm Kirsch

Ross Laurie

Rick Lewers

John Lewis

Moira Lloyd

Don & Sandra Macansh

Robert Mackenzie

Margot Mackie

Richard Maddox

Bruce & Rose McCarthy

Peter & Diane McGlynn

Susan Meares

Chris Meares

Bruce & Gail Moffatt

Alistair Moore

Dennis Muller

Sally Munro

Andrew & Alex Murray

Helen Nancarrow

Libbie Nelson

Friends of NERAM

Angus & Caroline Nivison

Grant Nivison


Rowan Pope

Ross & Susan Roberts

John & Geraldine Robertson

Patricia Seppelt

Dr Ira & Mrs Judy Sharlip

Paul & Fran Sundin

J. Sundin

Alexia Taylor

Bea Thompson

William Todd

Barry Tonkin

Robert Toole

John Trestrail

Lynn & Pam Vearing

Will & Pip Warrick

J & V Waters

James White

James Williams

Edward & Sally Wright

Lucinda Wright

Margaret Wright

Graham & Jan Wyles