NERAM Foundation

Investing in the future of NERAM

The New England Regional Art Museum is planning for the long haul and by supporting the NERAM Foundation you are making a concrete investment in the future viability of NERAM and its activities.

The NERAM Foundation was established in 2009 to raise money to assist NERAM and its programs through raising donations from the community and investing them to provide an ongoing return with a proportion of the income received being used to support NERAM’s operational budget each year.  These donations provide NERAM with viable long-term financial security and independence, helping us to plan and deliver better exhibitions, programs and events for our community.

All donations are protected as part of the Trust Capital and invested securely and only the income from those investments is disbursed to NERAM Ltd. The income from the Trust Capital is paid to NERAM Ltd to assist  with programs and operations.  Community support for the NERAM Foundation ensures the long term survival of this most significant regional cultural institution.

From the launch of the Foundation in 2009, the board of NERAM has been determined to build a substantial base to support the Museum through provision of interest and dividends generated from the funds invested. This is intended to provide a secure and reliable source of support for NERAM and its nationally recognised collections.

The Foundation now manages two funds – the NERAM Foundation and the Hinton Trust; the combined total of which has grown to over  $700,000 held  in secure investments.

Income is  provided from both funds to New England Regional Art Museum each year as part of the operational funding for the museum.  Your contribution is an integral part of our ability to assist, and further develop the Museum as a sustainable organisation.

Making a donation to the NERAM Foundation is also our preferred option for anyone who is interested in leaving a bequest to NERAM as it will support the ongoing operations of the Art Museum. CLICK HERE to find out more about the NERAM Bequest Program and the Howard Hinton Circle.

We need your help and every donation makes a difference!!

Running an art museum is a difficult business and by donating to the NERAM Foundation you are making an investment in our future sustainability.  Donate a little or a lot – your donation will be preserved and will be workfor NERAM from day one and for decades to come.

You can donate online through Give Now with a one-off or monthly contribution or just make a donation over the counter at the NERAM Foyer.